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Joomla API for mobile apps (Android, Iphone/Ipad & External site)

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With this component you can easily retrieve data from Joomla site for mobile devices or other external website. You can use this API if you want to pu … Read more
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With this component you can easily retrieve data from Joomla site for mobile devices or other external website. You can use this API if you want to published Joomla articles, K2 items, easyblog posts or virtuemart products in another PHP site. This component will work both for Joomla 2.5 & 3.X.
Most of the mobile apps use JSON array to collect data from webserver. This extension will converted Joomla information into JSON format . So apps developer can collect information quickly & easily. You can see examples from backend of your Joomla after installing the component. You will need to add a token key from backend of your Joomla. Please use at least 52 characters long token key.

Supported Extensions/Features

> Joomla authentication directly using Joomla username & password
> Joomla registration
> Joomla contents, K2, easyblog, Virtuemart, Hikashop, Kunena Forum ....


Github Link:


Service URL
Login http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=login&username=test&pass=test&token=YOUR TOKEN
Registration http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=registration&name=NAME&username=USERNAME&passwd=PASSWORD&email=EMAIL&token=YOUR TOKEN
Article Categories http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getContents&token=YOUR TOKEN
Article of a Category http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getContents&catid=2&token=YOUR TOKEN
Single Article http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getContents&id=1&token=YOUR TOKEN
Virtuemart Categories http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getVM&lan=en_gb&token=YOUR TOKEN
Virtuemart Products in a Category http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getVM&lan=en_gb&catid=6&token=YOUR TOKEN
Virtuemart Single Product http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getVM&lan=en_gb&id=62&token=YOUR TOKEN
K2 Categories http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getK2&token=YOUR TOKEN
K2 Items in a category http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getK2&catid=1&token=YOUR TOKEN
K2 Single Items http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getK2&id=2&token=YOUR TOKEN
Easyblog Categories http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getEasyblog&token=YOUR TOKEN
Easyblog Posts in a category http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getEasyblog&catid=1&token=YOUR TOKEN
Easyblog Single Post http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getEasyblog&id=1&token=YOUR TOKEN
Kunena Categories http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getkunena&token=YOUR TOKEN
Kunena Items in a category http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getkunena&catid=1&token=YOUR TOKEN
Kunena Single Items http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getkunena&id=2&token=YOUR TOKEN
HikaShop Categories http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getHika&token=YOUR TOKEN
HikaShop Items in a category http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getHika&catid=1&token=YOUR TOKEN
HikaShop Single Items http://YOURSITE.COM/index.php?option=com_hoicoiapi&task=getHika&id=2&token=YOUR TOKEN


Here lan=en_gb is the language of Joomla site. You can see available language from Joomla language manager.

 Check the "Language Tag". You will need to use small letter instated of capital letter. Not en-GB but en_gb or fr_fr or es_es

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